"The Faults Follow" is the third album by Carta. As we did on the second album, we wanted to break the templates we previously established and explore new territory. Paranoid inner-vacuum micro-dub and ruminative post-space hypno-drone? The album has more of a focus on vocals, with only one true instrumental this time out. While still shaded by darkness, we soaked in influence from Young Marble Giants, Disco Inferno, and latter day Hood, with electronic elements giving a little more lift to the songs, and members swapped instrumental duties around as the songs called for it. The album was recorded by the band at home and at Studio 3431, and was mixed by Jay Pellicci (the Drift, Deerhoof, Death Cab for Cutie) at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco.

"The Faults Follow" will be released this spring on Saint Marie Records. It features the following songs:

failure to thrive
the faults follow
the iowa fight song
a hollow greeting
the reapers are the angels
the last name of your first love
morse code
the paper suit

The album features Kyle Monday, Sacha Galvagna, Ray Welter, Gabriel Coan, Alex Kort, with guests Jason Perez and Craig Escalante (guitars), Sarah Bell (piano), and Odessa Chen and Jennifer Harper (vocals).

The Faults Follow
Saint Marie Records

"The Faults Follow" and "Iowa Fight Song" were released as a free downloadable single in 2011. These mixes are different from the ones on the album.

The Faults Follow/Iowa Fight Song (digital single)
U-dot Music (URD08)

"An Index of Birds" was released on February 16, 2010 on Silber Records. It features the following songs:

alfred m
building bridges
small lights
the likeness is undeniable
prettier at night
the bank of england
back to nature
who killed the clerk?
the late alfred m

The album features Kyle Monday, Sacha Galvagna, Raj Ojha, Ray Welter, Alex Kort, Lorealle Bishop, and Gabriel Coan. It was recorded in San Francisco and Oakland in 2008 by the band, Eli Crews, and Sean Coleman.

An Index Of Birds
Silber Records (SILB077)

"The Glass Bottom Boat" was released in September 2007 on Resonant; it is available for purchase below and from iTunes.

Recorded by Eli Crews (Beulah), the album features contributions from keyboardist Jared Matt Greenberg and bassist Sacha Galvagna (from Charles Atlas), and cello by Alexander Kort (of Subtle), supplementing a core band that featured Kyle Monday on guitars; Ray Welter on guitars, bass, and trumpet; Jason Perez on guitars, piano, and keyboards; Sarah Bell on keyboards, piano, accordion, melodica, bells, and vocals; and Sonny Culbertson on drums.

The band has limited copies of CDs for sale for $10/US including shipping, $14/international. Paypal to akmonday [at] gmail dot com and we'll send it right out to you.

The Glass Bottom Boat
Resonant Records (RESCD026)